Hello! I’m Kerry Postle and welcome to my site. Here, you can find out what motivated me to write my first novel, The Artist’s Muse. As a novel, it has poetry, art, passion, and despair. And then there’s hope.  It’s been a joy of a project for me and I want to share as much of that as I can with you.

I have loved researching and writing it so much that it would be selfish not to want to show you just a handful of the paintings that have inspired me, the writings that have roused me, and the literature that has formed me.

Although wait. I’m forgetting something. That germ. That very first seed of an idea to start writing the novel in the first place.

Yes. I would never have started The Artist’s Muse if it hadn’t have been for the Tracey Emin-Egon Schiele exhibition at the Leopold Museum, 2015. Dazzling.  It amazed, impressed, angered and inspired all at the same time.  It was there that I first met my heroine, Wally Neuzil, and it was a there that I first encountered her story. But it was a story told by somebody else. I left wanting more. I was consumed by a desire to hear about her life. But in her own words. To hear her opinions. To know what she felt.

And then it came to me. I could give her a voice. Write a book where she could tell her own story.

And this website is the story behind that story, where I explain the whys, whats, hows and whens. With a fair amount of literary licence. The Artist’s Muse is a work of fiction after all…

To get Wally’s story click on the link  The Artist’s Muse

However, I nearly forgot to mention something. And that’s how wonderful the process of writing has been. I used to be a secondary school teacher and one day, in the classroom, I was attacked by a student. It was shocking and brutal. The attack itself didn’t last long. But after it neither did I. I had counselling, which, for me was not obviously helpful, but then I took up writing, which was. It has been my route to salvation.