Instead of a biography, I want to tell you  a few things about myself. They might explain why I wanted to write The Artist’s Muse. Then again…

education It’s been a treat. Involved lots of reading and looking at paintings, as well as fostering a love of languages. Pushed me to think, to question. Rimbaud’s in the novel as a result.

interests Going to galleries. Reading. Sewing.


I have three boys. One is training to be a human rights lawyer, another to be a teacher in London and another one is studying French and Spanish at Oxford. And I’m married to the boy I met in my first year at university.

my reading  while writing The Artist’s Muse

Fugitive Pieces Anne Michaels  Poetic. Very inspirational.

Americanah Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  Love how she gives eyes a voice.

The Essex Serpent Sarah Perry   Admire the serpent-like sentences that wrap themselves around the novel’s themes so lyrically.

A la Recherche du Temps Perdu Marcel Proust. No joke. He explains psychological states so well, mocks his characters mercilessly (himself included). His honesty and understanding of human nature are staggering. And he’s funny.  Although I have Proust to blame for the weak dream scene with Wally and Egon…

+ chick lit aplenty to learn how to make my story more engaging, the relationship between Egon and Wally more passionate.