Danae 1907
Danaë Gustav Klimt 1907

I force my eyes to study the entire canvas: follow the gentle curls of red hair, the round outline of a body; try to fix myself in the texture and colour of the fabric that surrounds it, diaphanous and dark, decorated with gold circles…     Chapter 4/ pg 27 


Gustav Klimt, Kiss, 1907/08© Belvedere, Vienna
The Kiss Gustav Klimt 1907-8

‘Every model who’s ever set foot in this studio claims to be her here. Odds are you’ll look back one day and say that it was you… A pale princess with orange-gold hair, studded with flowers, caught forever in an embrace with a dark-haired prince wearing a leaf crown and kneeling on a floral carpet. Why wouldn’t you? ‘ chapter 4/p29

Gustav Klimt 046.jpg
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer        Gustav Klimt 1903-7

Chuckling maliciously, she shows me an unfinished painting of a dark-haired woman in a gold patterned dress. ‘Arse. That’s what she is. Oh, you should see her in real life.’  chapter 4/pg28 

Portrait of Emilie Flöge by Gustav Klimt, oil on canvas, 1902. Wien Museum, Vienna
Portrait of Emilie Flöge Gustav Klimt 1902

Then I see her, find the reassurance that I’ve been looking for, in the eyes of a woman to whom Hilde has not yet introduced me. The woman I see has hair like a dark halo, which frames her face, a face that returns my distressed look with serenity and peace. I see no monstrous artist reflected there. And if there’s an arse hidden behind a silk purse it’s not peeping out at me. She looks beautiful. chapter 4/p28 






Image result for water serpents klimt
Water Serpents Gustav Klimt 1907

Without explaining what he’s doing, he places a pillow under me so that the curve of my bottom rises… I know that he wants the undulating line …  chapter 6/p42
The Single Orange was the Only Light Egon Schiele 1912

And now that Moa is out of the way, he has only me to distract him. To be the orange. The only light.        chapter 21/ p130 

Egon Schiele, Cardinal and Nun (Caress), 1912 © Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 455
Cardinal and Nun Egon Schiele 1912

A defiant response to the cries of ‘Cover them up’ from the religious hypocrites back in Krumau who hounded us out of their town with jibes of ‘Get out, you reds.’ We’re covered up but in a way the philistines won’t be expecting. chapter 22/p132 

The Self Seers (Death and Man), 1911 - Egon Schiele
Seer Egon Schiele

Roessler raises his eyes involuntarily towards me. An unconscious double-take: and I see that he knows who that other person is. chapter 25/p143 

Egon Schiele, Portrait of Wally Neuzil, 1912 © Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 453
Portrait of Wally Egon Schiele 1912

He sees only himself in my eyes. To him I am a mystery. Though I’m there for all to see. chapter 23/p136 

Egon Schiele, Self-Portrait with Chinese Lantern Plant, 1912 © Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 454
Self-portrait Egon Schiele 1912

‘Orange physalis. Bringing hope, joy, and colour to a dark world.’ He doesn’t laugh. Doesn’t question. Simply knows. chapter 23/p135

Wally Neuzil in Black Stockings    Egon Schiele 1912

But then it starts. The slow dismantling of his respect for me. You can see it in his art. Barely discernible at first. I model in black stockings, high heels, and white underwear. I crouch at a cheeky angle wearing green tights, black lace-up shoes, my skirt pulled back. Is it me? Am I trying to seduce him? Am I acting the whore Anton tells me I am with his eyes every time he sees me? Or is it him? Egon? Is he punishing me? Treating me like a whore to prove to himself that he doesn’t love me? chapter 28/p157

Portrait of Erich Lederer, 1912 - Egon Schiele
He’s given Erich Lederer rich red lips, snow-pale skin, black coiffed hair, redder, paler, blacker than life. His image buzzes…Undeniably Egon, I marvel at the life expressed so vibrantly. chapter 34/ pg179

Portrait of Erich Lederer  Egon Schiele  1912


Death and the Maiden, 1915 - Egon SchieleThe ecstasy is so exquisitely painful and our love, so barbed and torn in the physical world, is there for all to see… chapter 37/p192

Edith with Striped Dress   Egon Schiele  1915

‘Oh!’ I’m shocked and strangely relieved until he pulls out a bundle of drawings. Of Edith in the striped dress that we’d laughed at. chapter 35/ pg 184 

NB some dates have been changed in The Artist’s Muse.